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Foto source prides itself on being an industry leader. In early 1997, foto source became one of the early adopters of the Advanced Photo System Technology. As an alternative to 35mm film, this simplified film format became a key part of the photo industry's transition from film to digital technology. Foto source became a destination for customers purchasing an APS Camera and for high quality photo developing and printing.

In the year 2000, foto source became one of the first Photo Specialty Dealers in Canada to install a Fuji Frontier Digital Photo Lab. This was an investment in the future of the photo industry. Once again, foto source became a destination for customers purchasing a digital camera and for high quality Digital printing.

In 2005, foto source launched the "Dakis Humanized Expert". This unique tool is a self-serve purchasing assistant available on-line or in-store kiosk. Its function is to recommend the most appropriate product in relation to our customers' needs, and to explain its recommendations. Customers will be able to use this powerful tool to compare products and to decipher technical specifications by way of comprehensive explanations and definitions.

Foto source Canada
Foto source is a community-based alliance of professional experts in the photographic market, dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing value in retailing the leading imaging products and services through planned and effective group buying and creative marketing.

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